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Gray & Sons (Chelmsford) Ltd are owners of a group of tenanted public houses in Essex

The Gray Family came into brewing in 1826 at the Springfield Road Brewery in Chelmsford.  From 1870 to 1954 the Maldon Brewery in Gate Street was also run by the Gray Family to supply the growing number of pubs in the Maldon area.

Stock, Mild, Bitter, Stout and Porter were the main brews but when the Springfield Brewery ceased brewing in 1974 Greene King IPA became the regular ale in the pubs.  Since then the list of beers available has increased dramatically and the tenants can now choose from a wide variety of ales from around the country.  There is also a large choice from local breweries such as Mighty Oak, Wibbler's, Chelmsford Brewing Company, Bishop Nick along with Adnams and Greene King. 

A wide portfolio of lagers and bottles are also available giving a Gray's pub a 'free house feel'.

The sale of the Brewery led to the move to offices and distribution depot in Galleywood.  The portfolio of pubs have changed over the years but the company continue to deliver ales and lagers to their pubs and it continues to be run by the sixth generation of the Gray Family and is the 8th oldest family run business in Essex.

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